Then Jagex nukes them all again for some time
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Wysłany: 2021-02-22, 02:19   Then Jagex nukes them all again for some time

Subsequently if RuneScape gold I make it out? The game lags and stand still while everything flows around me - yes my connection is actually slow - If you just want the XP, go kill Pyrefiends or Jellies rather than attempting to defend the spirit altar, especially you have low levels. I like your remommends to get the deflector and wear the three bits + the helm to get the boost. You have to put on a void helm + 3 additional bits to get the set bonus at all.

Botting comes and goes in waves. There is plenty of robots for a little while, and Jagex comes together and squashes them all like bugs. Denno how Jagex does that. They're gone for some time, then return. Then Jagex nukes them all again for some time. It is a vicious cycle.

Plenty of graphical updates. That would be great, but it is gradually taking more CPU power to play with the game. Lag is ever getting worse in significantly"enhanced" places. You can hardly move in Edgeville when it is crowded due to the lag. Jagex must ramp down it a little or they are gonna kill the match. Some new speaking quests. Its equally annoying and cool at exactly the same moment. Bleh.

The very controversial new gimmick is that the Squeal of Fortune. You can not miss it. Every time you log on the very first time daily, you're permitted to play a game copied after Wheel of Fortune. It wouldn't be so contentious if a common prize was magic lamps that provide you experience that you didn't earn. Besides, you can purchase spins. Jagex has been hypocritical in opposing cheap RS gold real-world-trading, then, in effect, selling experience points for real world cash. That sucks!
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