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BROK the InvestiGator - Point and Click X Beat'em Up!
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After 4 years of work since Demetrios, I'm finally ready to unveil my new adventure game - "BROK the InvestiGator!"
And I have a surprise for you...
A free prologue is available RIGHT NOW on Steam and GOG!

Steam :

Whaaaaat? Fights?!... (runs away)

WAIT! Don't leave yet!
I know. Adventure gamers don't like action scenes in their point & click.
However, it would be a mistake not to give it a chance. Because...

- Brok is 90% a classic adventure game and can be fully played with a mouse.

- All fights and action scenes can be skipped. The game offers a difficulty choice, the "story" mode gives access to that "skip" button.

- And most importantly... The ability to break stuff is a tool added to your regular adventure game panel.

Actually, you'll use it most often OUTSIDE of fights!

All the Brok rooms are highly interactive. Maybe even more than any classic adventure game ever made.

Of course, you can click on any elements like a regular Point & Click and get (voice acted) descriptions by your character, pick up inventory and solve puzzles etc...
But you can also hit and break many elements (including characters!) and jump everywhere!
The whole game was built around this idea.

Now, let's add that choices matter in Brok (multiple endings + a screen summarizes your path) and you can start to realize how this opens a whole range of possibilities.

As for the story... Forget Demetrios.
Brok is on a whole other dimension when it comes to narration. And the few testers who already played through the whole game will attest it :p
But the best is still for you to... experience it.

GRAB the prologue and PLAY it! :)

Let me know if you have any questions!

NB : BROK prologue is already 100% translated into German!
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