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Steeped in nostalgia, these blue and black Air Max Plus III sneakers from Nike show off a gradient aesthetic that’s made to move. Overlaid with synthetic reinforcements, the streamlined shoes have the Swoosh’s signature Air cushioning underfoot and their futuristic look is completed with a padded ankles and a comfortable textile interior.

It’s a busy time and the techno age is upon us. In the athletic footwear arena it’s no different, shoes nike trainers neutral are becoming more fandangled than ever—even traditionally conservative brands have relinquished all their inhibitions and fallen in favour of pushing the envelope. Enter the Nike Air Max Plus, AKA the Nike TN, the sneaker that would find itself the unlikely focus of the cultural spotlight close to two decades after its initial launch.

The Air Max Plus debuted in ‘98 with graphic textile uppers in gradient colors that paired nike air max plus black with the wavy TPU “stripes” that provided both support and even more flair. Most famous for its initial “Tiger” and “Shark” colorways, the silhouette has gone on to be featured in countless new colorways and materials in the years since.

In the years New Release leading up to the release of the Air Max Plus, the Air Max range had gone through a pretty freaky metamorphosis. In ’87 Nike design luminary Tinker Hatfield’s oddball Air Max 1 was seen as a vision of the future thanks to its visible Air and ‘wild’ red colour scheme. Things developed quickly, and by the time Sergio Lozano’s Air Max 95 and Christian Tresser’s Air Max 97 were released the franchise had truly reached extraterrestrial status.
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