Cowboys going in opposite direction: Two key differences
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For months now https://www.cowboysgoodss...Mcgovern_Jersey, the big news about the Dallas Cowboys has been all about personnel. In free agency, they focused on positions that have been largely neglected over recent years and got more effective players than we usually see. The draft, of course, was just stunning. Aldon Smith has been reinstated, not only bolstering the defensive end talent but raising hopes that Randy Gregory will soon join him. The latest thing is a resurgence of hopes that Jamal Adams may be acquired by trade. Even the one less than positive thing, the interminable wait for the team to come to terms with Dak Prescott, is roster related.It mostly exciting, but it does distract us from perhaps the most important thing that happened this offseason. That is hiring Mike McCarthy to replace Jason Garrett as head coach https://www.cowboysgoodss...Thompson_Jersey.The player signings and draft selections reflect the new leader influence. The Cowboys actually invested a lot in defensive tackle, safety, and backup quarterback, jobs that were consistently filled with bargain bin free agents, late-round gambles, or UDFAs in the past. However, it should be the way he coaches this team on the field that makes the biggest impact. Under Garrett, this team developed a deserved reputation for wasting talent, particularly on offense. A friendly reminder the Cowboys have this and failed to score 10 points against the Eagles with the NFC East on the line.
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